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Brazilian, living in the USA, son of a professional army draftsman, and a professional singer, in her youth. I studied at Military school in the 70s, where I took photography classes in black and white. At that time, there were no digital cameras.

I worked 16 years with my father, creating art and printing on Silkscreen. In the early 80's, I started to dedicate myself to oil paintings and left 17 canvases in Brazil when I decided to move to the United States of America.

Since I moved, I stopped drawing or painting. In 1995, I bought my first digital camera, a Canon. At this time, I became very interested in Photoshop and started using it for many years.

One thing I never stopped doing when I moved to the USA, was photography, not professionally, but for fun. Nature has always intrigued me, so I explore it with my camera.

Someone asked me once: “Why don't you associate your computer knowledge with your photographic skills and start creating art again?” I started some research on the subject. I found many interesting articles, but one caught my attention, Photoshop Artistry. The type of work and techniques used by this online course aroused a lot of interest. The works created by amateurs and professionals took me back in time and I decided to enroll in the course. I found what has been missing in my life, ART.

Using the information, I acquired in the course, the knowledge absorbed over the years, my photos and the resources of the modern world, I started to create art again. I then enrolled in two more advanced courses for improvement. Today, when I'm in front of the computer, I forget about time, problems and everything else, putting myself in a dimension where the impossible becomes possible. Art is everywhere, you just have to look around you.

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